2E Battery Electric Heating Thermal Underwear

2E Battery Electric Heating Thermal Underwear

These new types of 2E brand clothing will help warm all parts of the body – from feet to head! Technologies have led to the implementation of interesting, convenient and safe solutions at the level of fabric, built-in heating elements and at the level of batteries. Advice and clarification on use and selection.

Each type of clothing has carefully demarcated zones with an integrated «electric fabric». After switching on the battery, certain areas that are hypersensitive to cold heat up almost instantly. Their heating helps to warm other parts of the body thanks to blood circulation. For example, the heating zones in the socks will warm the toes, in the thermal underwear – the stomach, knees, shoulders and lower back (the zones are defined in accordance with general medical recommendations).

Quality, effectiveness, efficiency, ergonomics are the main criteria for choosing such clothing. Unlike similar solutions that appear from various suppliers on the market, natural (cotton, leather) and other high-quality materials and electrical components are used for the production of 2E clothing with battery electric heating. «Electric fabric» is strong and reliable, and is used in the product immediately during sewing. There is another advantage of 2E clothing – it can be easily washed (by hand), but it is important to disconnect the batteries.

Alternative suppliers sometimes offer to sew electric heating separately, using pieces of fairly coarse electric fabric, or simply sew it on their own on the finished product, as a result of that ergonomics, efficiency and reliability decrease. 2E electric heated clothing has a built-in battery with a controller with light indication, conveniently hidden for storage. Actually, this battery supplies energy to the «electric fabric» for heating!

The battery and connectors for it are included in the basic kit of 2E clothing. So, to warm up, you only need to press the hidden button in the pocket, which is located in the most convenient parts of the clothing and does not interfere during movement or in case of a fall. For example, for a balaclava – in the neck area, on gloves, the battery is sewn on the inner side of the forearm, in thermal clothing there are two of them – there are separate pockets for two separate batteries of pants and a shirt, in socks – on the calves from the sides.

All controllers have three levels of heating – intensive, medium and minimum (for the longest possible heating). In this way, you can provide heating from 2 to 6 hours, and even longer! More than the maximum limit of each stage shown in the picture, thanks to the ability to not only switch the three stages between them, but also to turn them on/off periodically! This option is not available in other means. For example, in all types of chemical heaters, it is impossible to stop the chemical reaction for further renewal if necessary.

Will 2E heated clothing work if it gets wet? Yes, it will be! However, due to the high heat capacity of water, the heating will not be so noticeable. Even if intensive heating is turned on, it will be difficult to completely «dry» it. However, it is possible to use under such conditions, it will be safe for both the user and the clothing. In any case, it will be warmer than without electric heating.

There is also a simpler item in the range – 2E Race heated socks with a traditional USB connection, but with an equally innovative smart battery and a remote control for heating modes! These socks have a battery that can be recharged from alternative portable power sources, such as power banks. It is possible to directly connect batteries of the power bank type, but in this case the possibility of remote control and mode switching is lost.

All varieties of 2E electrically heated clothing, except for the Race series, are made using proprietary batteries and have corresponding various (which were discussed at the beginning of the material), where power banks will not help.

Complete set, Batteries, Charging

2E clothing lithium-ion batteries are efficient and durable. At the same time, batteries for most types of clothing and 2E series (with the exception of batteries for heated socks 2E Race series, which work even with power banks) are not universal and have proprietary differences. Such proprietary batteries are interchangeable between two groups of different types of 2E clothing. For rapid heating and longer operation, a higher current is required than that which can be provided, for example, by batteries from power banks. The applied smart accumulators are more resistant to switching modes and physical loads such as shocks due to falls, etc. In addition, when using ordinary USB or microUSB connectors under the conditions of such a specific application (during active movement), it is necessary to take extra care to properly fix the contacts.

2E proprietary battery electric clothing heating system operates on direct current at a voltage of 7.4 V. It is safe for humans and at the same time effective for the functioning of the unique heating technology! The capacity of such batteries is 2,200-2,600 mAh. The contacts are protected during washing with special caps, which are in the pocket of the kit. We advise you to store them there, so as not to lose them by accident. If this does happen, it is necessary to take additional measures to protect the contacts of the connectors from water. An essential feature is fast charging with a standard original charger (from the delivery kit) with a standard plug for a 220 V outlet (or from 2E charging stations). In 2 hours, the charger charges a pair of batteries to 100% at once! In this way, in 2 hours we have a ready-to-use item of clothing as a means of heating for 6 or much more hours, depending on the heating modes and on-off interruptions.

2E Hunter, 2E Rider Series Features

The defining feature of Hunter 2E series gloves is exceptional tactical functionality – «folding» index fingers of both gloves, additional protective layers for increased moisture resistance, fingertips resistive coating of the gloves that is sensitive to touch screens. You can not remove them while using a smartphone, tablet or UAV control panel. 2E Hunter series gloves are made in Camo (camouflage).

The index fingers of 2E Rider heated gloves have rubber «screen cleaners» for convenient and quick cleaning of glasses or protective mask from dirt, moisture or snow. In addition, the gloves in the interphalangeal joints area are protected by an anatomical insert made of ultra-strong carbon.