2E plate carriers: protection and mobility for unstoppable warriors

2E plate carriers: protection and mobility for unstoppable warriors

2E expands its range of tactical products: plate carriers with additional pouches are now available for order!

Plate carrier is a must-have for every military man. An important feature of the 2E models is the presence of side compartments for armor plates, which allows for better body protection. Plate carriers can be considered universal: products can be adjusted in height and adjusted to the volume of the chest. The quality of workmanship is an undeniable advantage. For the production, polyester is used in combination with a thick nylon fabric, which has a water-repellent impregnation and a polyurethane coating, which ensures wear resistance and durability.

Another feature of the models is a well-thought-out design: the plates are equipped with a single-point weapon belt, adjustable in length, and several additional pouches can be attached to them. That is why plate carriers are also used as unloading vests for storing the necessary equipment, in particular: magazines with ammunition, communications and navigation equipment, first aid kits, etc.

In addition, several types of pouches are provided with the products, so you do not have to buy separately – a ready-to-use solution. And in addition, of course, the plates are equipped with MOLLE mounts – rows of nylon straps for connecting and arranging equipment together.

There is no doubt: 2E plate carriers are a good choice, because they will provide protection for the main lethal zones of a fighter without losing his mobility.