SKU: 2E-LFP24100-LCD

LiFePo4 model 8S is a battery with LCD screen indicators for uninterruptible power systems in the telecommunications, conventional and alternative power supply sectors. Type of mounting case – on a rack or on the floor. Rated voltage is 25.6 V. Rated capacity is 100 A hour. M8 connection terminals. Parallel connection – 4 pcs. Serial connection – 2S (51.2 V). Long service life and high cycling.

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Type Rechargeable battery
Mounting type Rack-mounted, floor-mounted
Terminal type М8
Nominal voltage, V 25.6
Nominal capacity, Ah 100
Operating voltage, V 22.5-28.5
Charge current (rated), A 20
Maximum charge current, A 100
Maximum discharge current, A 100
Impulse discharge current, A 180
Cut-off voltage, V 19.2
Number of charge-discharge cycles >4000 cycles at 1C, DOD=80%, SOH=70%, >6000 cycles at 0.25C, DOD=80%, SOH=70%
Data exchange interfaces RS232,RS485 (optional)
Indicators LCD screen
Signals and warnings Overcharge, short-circuit, overload, overcurrent, overheating, overcooling protection
Parallel connection Up to 4 pcs
Serial connection 2S (51.2В)
Cooling Passive
Certification ISO9001, ISO14001, CE, TLC, TUV, IEC62133
Optimal operating temperature -3°C - +65°C (charge), -23°C - +65°C (discharge), +10°C - +25°C (recommended)
Humidity 5-95%
Dimension (WxHxD), mm 483х170x240
Weight, kg 22
Features Protection class IP56
Kit Battery, LCD screen (integrated in the battery), user manual
Warranty 36 months
High resolution photo

High density and compact

High energy storage density with a low weight of 22 kg and a compact size (w x h x d): 483 x 170 x 240 mm. High charge and discharge currents (short charge period). Communication interfaces: optional RS232/RS485 (CANBUS).

Wide temperature operating limits

Charge from -3°С to +65°С; discharge from -23 °С to +65 °С; recommended: from +10°С to +25°С. Lifetime predictability controlled by BMS.