2E Tactical safety goggles Falcon Army Green with EVA case, 3 lenses


2E Falcon Army Green tactical glasses have a special design that involves wearing together with a helmet or headphones. TR90 flexible frame does not pressurize, soft and at the same time tightly fits the temples. The main purpose of the product is to protect the eyes from shrapnel or other small particles flying during combat or shooting from air weapons. But glasses can be used not only in military affairs, they will also come in handy for hunters to protect themselves from branches or bushes, while playing paintball or simply traveling in places with dense vegetation.

  • TR90 flexible frame
  • Protection against shocks, scratches and UV radiation (UV400)
  • Three replaceable lenses: to block glare and reduce eye strain in bright lighting (gray); universal for use in bright light, at dusk or at night (yellow); for wearing in low light or cloudy weather
  • EVA storage case
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Type Tactical glasses
Replacement lenses Yellow, transparent, grey
Colour Green
Features TR90 flexible frame for greater comfort, impact, scratch and UV protection (UV400), dustproof, windproof, no splitting
Kit Tactical glasses, replacement lens case, cleaning cloth, two spare lenses (yellow and clear), EVA storage case, instruction manual
Warranty 12 months
High resolution photo

The glasses are equipped with three impact-resistant lenses of different types, but they all share several features, including: protection against wind, shock, scratches and UV radiation (UV400) and dust resistance. Each type of lens is recommended for use under certain conditions. For example, gray with an anti-reflective coating in sunny weather, universal yellow – in bright light conditions, at dusk or at night, and gray lenses will come in handy in low light or in cloudy weather.


In addition to the frame and three lenses, the kit includes a storage case, eyeglass care cloth, and EVA case. Safety glasses are universal, so they will fit almost any type of face.