SKU: 2E-VP-3K24

Inverter 2E is a DC to AC converter, its efficiency is 90-93%. The model has built-in solar and mains chargers. The VP-3K24 is designed for single-phase power supply, provides a pure sine wave output and a switching time of 10 or 20 ms depending on the type of connected devices.

  • Power 3 kW/3000 VA
  • Possibility to connect a 24 V battery
  • Built-in chargers (grid and solar)
  • Pure sine wave
  • Switching time: 10ms (for PC) / 20ms (home appliances)
  • Efficiency 90-93%
  • Charging priority selection
  • Automatic operating modes
  • Built-in security features
  • Compatible with generators
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Type Standalone inverter
Kind With built-in grid and PWM solar charger
Power 3kVA/3kW
Battery External 24 VDC/27 V-fc/32V-op
Input 170-280 V, ~50/60 Hz (Hardwired)
Output 230V, ~50/60Hz, Hardwired
Output waveform Pure sine wave
Efficiency 90-93%
Switching time, mc 10 (for PC)/ 20 (home appliances)
Maximum power of PE array Up to 1200 W
PWM window 60 VDC open circuit
Maximum charger current, A 70
Interface RS-232, USB
Dimensions (HxWxD), mm 420x390x193
Weight, kg 7.8
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Pure sine wave and high efficiency

With dimensions of 420 × 390 × 193 mm and a weight of 7.8 kg, the model has a fairly good power – 3 kW (3,000 VA). The design provides a built-in solar charger that allows you to connect the inverter to an array of solar panels with a power of up to 1200 watts. VP-3K24 is autonomous, any type of 24 V DC battery can be connected to it, while the maximum charger current is 70 A (combined), it is this indicator that determines the charging speed of the external battery. The inverter provides 230V pure sine wave ( Hardwired ) in battery mode. Regarding signal from solar panels: PWM range is 60 VDC.

Automatic operating modes and charging priority selection

The efficiency of the inverter is 90-93%, which means that the device will “take” 7-10% of the energy for its own maintenance. If we are talking about domestic use, then a device of such power will be enough to heal a refrigerator, boiler, TV, washing machine and provide lighting at home. The switching time depends on the type of devices: 10 ms (for PC) and 20 ms (home appliances). The design includes a built-in display and buttons for setting charging priority or automatic modes, as well as protection functions for safe use of the device. Regarding interfaces: the inverter is equipped with USB and RS-232 ports.