The stand-alone 2E XM KING inverter with built-in chargers (grid and solar) provides a pure sinusoidal output signal, which is very important for the stable operation of precision equipment such as pumps or gas boilers. In addition, the model has many useful features, including: the ability to control via Wi – Fi and combine nine devices into a single system!

  • Power 6 kW/6000 VA
  • Ability to connect a 48 V battery
  • Built-in chargers (grid and solar)
  • Pure sine wave
  • Providing "pseudo- online "
  • Possibility of remote control through applications
  • Integration into the "Smart Home" system
  • Maintaining a 1-3-phase configuration
  • Parallel operation for up to 9 devices
  • Built-in security features
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Type Standalone inverter
Kind With built-in grid and MPPT solar charger
Power 6kVA/6kW
Battery External 48 VDC
Input 176-280 V, ~50/60 Hz (Hardwired)
Output 230V, ~50/60Hz, 1+1 controlled AC output, Hardwired, ″on-line mode″
Output waveform Pure sine wave
Maximum power of PE array 6000 W
MPPT window 120-430 VDC, max Voc - 500 VDC, Isc - 27A
Maximum charger current, A 120
Interface RS-232/485, USB, Wi-Fi, Dry-contact
Dimensions (HxWxD), mm 468x295x140
Weight, kg 12
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Compatible with different types of batteries

The autonomous six -kilowatt inverter has a built-in network and MPPT charge controller for connecting photovoltaic arrays with a maximum power of 6,000 W. MPPT range is 120-430 V (DC), max. Voc – 500 V (DC), Isc – 27 A. Also, if necessary, you can connect an external 48 V battery of any type to it with a maximum charger current of 120 A (combined). The device converts an unstable 176-280V (Hardwired) AC input into the required 230V, providing a pure sine wave. In addition: 2E XM KING supports single and three-phase configuration and has built-in protection functions.

To create a system of nine devices

The model is rich in interfaces. In addition to the usual USB, the inverter is equipped with RS-232 and RS-485 for connecting a PC or various controllers, including elements of the Smart Home system. Thanks to the Wi – Fi adapter, remote control of the inverter is available, and the Dry-contact technology allows you to set certain conditions (scenario) for automatically turning on the device. An undoubtedly important feature is the ability to use XM KING to create a system of nine devices for parallel operation!